alternative icons for Haiku

François Revol revol at
Sun Jan 11 16:16:23 GMT 2009

> In article <4448509855-BeMail at laptop>,
>    François Revol <revol at> wrote:
> > some people proposed me alternative icons for NS under Haiku
> > For now I just took the globe part of the converted SVG logo into 
> > Icon-
> > O-Matic.
> Actually, it looks like you've taken the globe bit of the full 
> textual
> icon, because it has a white border around the edge.

Yes I didn't recall finding it alone at the time, so I cut it from the 

> The "emblem" logo is actually intended for use as an icon, not the 
> full
> logo. If you use the "emblem" SVG for the Haiku icon, it will look 
> more
> like the Haiku icon style.
> Here's a direct link to the "emblem" image in SVG format:
> > 
> I don't consider adding the Haiku style shadow under the NetSurf 
> emblem to
> be changing the logo, it's just using it in the Haiku context, so you
> should add the shadow, and I don't think it would look out-of-place
> compared to the other icons I've seen.

Ok, I'll have a look then.

> BTW, the imageshack site doesn't work in NetSurf, but you can read 
> the
> source and poke around to construct a URL which gives you the image 
> from
> various bits of JavaScript source:
I didn't put it here, I have my own web space, and even with javascript 
it sux :^)

> > One of the proposed icon is a rework of the official one, the other 
> > is 
> > a twist on the original NetPositive icon, which was a surfer with a 
> > globe, which fits more into the Haiku style but is radically 
> > different 
> > (surfing gone wild :).
> I don't think NetSurf should use the Monkey icon. :)

Well I find it funny, but I agree it might not be suited :D


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