MorphOS Port of NetSurf - licencing issue

François Revol revol at
Thu Jan 15 01:56:02 GMT 2009

> I sent the following mail to ilkleht at and
> aminet at  I also attempted to CC the mailing list, but I
> suck.  So here it is again.

Well it's marked as developer preview, so it's understandable he didn't 
yet have the time to clean up a diff, but still, GPL doesn't 
differentiate preview from other distributions :)
Usually when I port things I give test binaries to ppl I know know they 
can ask me for the source so there is no issue, but putting it on a 
public depot like aminet implies people might not know NS is GPL and 
what the GPL is, and so which rights they have.

As to MorphOS, I'd think it'd be good to merge it with the AmigaOS port 
and also support AROS if possible, by using 3.x calls by default and 
optionally using specific calls.


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