LibCSS/NetSurf 2.0 hackfest

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Mon Jan 19 17:11:48 GMT 2009


There will be a hackfest for NetSurf 2.0 (and as a final push to see if
we can libcss to the point that we could include it in NetSurf 2.0) on
the weekend of the 14th and 15th of February.

At the end of the weekend we hope to set the freeze date and the
projected NetSurf 2.0 release date a little more firmly.

I will host a physical hackfest at my house, although coordination will
be via #netsurf on freenode, so remote participation is quite possible
and welcomed.

So far, one of the two sleep spots is taken, I therefore have a single
futon space to offer if someone wants to come down to take part in
person. Obviously if you want to come to Manchester for the day, or stay
in a hotel/hostel then you're welcome too. The futon space will be kinda
held for one of the society committee members (assuming the society
succeeds in being inaugurated tonight) unless this proves unnecessary.

I'd rather not have more than about six people in the house simply for
space concerns, so please do let me know if you intend to turn up in

I hope to see you here / online on the 14th/15th for this.


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