GSoC first week

Paweł Blokus pblokus at
Mon Jun 8 01:18:14 BST 2009

2009/5/26 Paweł Blokus <pblokus at>:
> I am going to spend the first coding week refactoring the tree view
> code. With the work I've done in the past few days I realised that it
> would be useful to get the global history from riscos available for
> other platforms in order to have a testing ground for the widget. The
> code needed little changes to work at all but still might need some
> better insight. Although it extends the time needed for this part of
> my project it's something I would have to do anyway later, so I think
> it's a better solution than writing code used solely for testing.
> At the end of the week I would like to have done the following things:
> - the treeview history working on any platform
> - platform dependent code from tree view reduced to a minimum
> - sorting option for a tree node

Although I have managed to realise this points (almost) completely it
took me much more time than intended. One reason for this was that, at
some points, I had to go into riscos code details more than I expected
and spent some time on getting it better to know.

The other reason was completely my fault. As I thought of transferring
the code from risc os to core as one pretty simple operation I didn't
commit for too long. I realised that a little to late, when the code
stopped working with no reasonable revert point. This is why I made a
clod-commit with probably many style flaws. As now I know what I
shouldn't do I hope to go through the next weeks more smoothly :)

As I wrote, the major part is done but there are still some less
important issues (of which I'd like to take care of later or which
need some help from other devs):

- Change the way the icons are loaded. I think having something like
load_image_from_disk would fit better than fetching the image as
regular web content. I have no idea if this would be a hard task and
how it would be done best so some input on this would be very helpful.
- Add the default icons for the tree (either create them or acquire
from the system)
- Making the window auto-scroll when dragging in a tree view
- Improve style, error checking etc.

During the following week I would like to concentrate on the text
input widget. If I have some time left at the end of it I'd like to
take care of some of the above points.

I have a huge exam on Tuesday so I won't be able to work until then
and I'd like to spend the weekend working instead. Also, my final
exams will start soon, so I probably would prefer to keep this week
schedule (working weekends but less work during the week) if that is
not a problem.

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