GSOC project "add dom support to NS" one month summary

Bo Yang struggleyb.nku at
Tue Jun 23 03:39:25 BST 2009

   Today is June, 23, it is exactly one month since the start of GSOC
coding phrase. I think it is better to make a progress summary of my

>From the Plan:

1. Complete the missing implementation of Core module and test it.
There are some functions left as unimplemented in the existing Core
module, I will complete these functions firstly. And I think it is
better to test earlier than later, so it is testing time after the
Core module completion. W3C provides a DOM Test Suite at which is used to test whether any DOM
implementation is standard compliant. I will write some XSLT files to
translate the test files, and test the Core implementation. This task
will cost me about one month, I estimate.

The things completed:
1. The DOMTS for Core module;
2. Rewriting string.c node.c attr.c characterdata.c to use lwc_string
3. Add comment.c typeinfo.c
4. Refactoring element.c (nearlly complete except the Namesapce
looking part) namednodemap.c
5. Add a new hash_table to libdom
6. Make many minor changes to the code

The work coming:
1. Rewrite document.c
2. Rewrite doc_fragment.c text.c cdatasection.c entity_ref.c
document_type.c pi.c to use lwc_string
3. Add dom_entity dom_notation
4. Test the dom core implementation

Generally, I am behind the planned schedule. On average, I spend two
or three hours one day on the project. More time will be spent on
after July 18, when my real summer holiday comes.
And I think I have underestimate the workload of the Core module. It
is the most hard part of this project, and I think I need one or two
more weeks to complete the coding and one more week to test it. After
that, the Events and HTML module may be more easy to complete.
Anyway, I am trying my best to design & implement the libdom. I am
confident that I can make a good DOM implement for NS. Thanks!


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