GSOC project "add dom support to NS" one month summary

John-Mark Bell jmb at
Tue Jun 23 11:46:42 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 10:39 +0800, Bo Yang wrote:

> The things completed:
> 1. The DOMTS for Core module;
> 2. Rewriting string.c node.c attr.c characterdata.c to use lwc_string
> 3. Add comment.c typeinfo.c
> 4. Refactoring element.c (nearlly complete except the Namesapce
> looking part) namednodemap.c
> 5. Add a new hash_table to libdom
> 6. Make many minor changes to the code

I shall be reviewing this lot over the weekend.

> The work coming:
> 1. Rewrite document.c
> 2. Rewrite doc_fragment.c text.c cdatasection.c entity_ref.c
> document_type.c pi.c to use lwc_string


> 3. Add dom_entity dom_notation

I advise leaving these out until it becomes apparent that they're used
in reality.

> 4. Test the dom core implementation

> Generally, I am behind the planned schedule. On average, I spend two
> or three hours one day on the project. More time will be spent on
> after July 18, when my real summer holiday comes.

That's ok.

> And I think I have underestimate the workload of the Core module. It
> is the most hard part of this project, and I think I need one or two
> more weeks to complete the coding and one more week to test it. After
> that, the Events and HTML module may be more easy to complete.

I strongly advise that you tackle Events first. HTML is mostly just
grunt work.


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