Makefile patches for Atari Port

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Sun Jun 20 09:01:50 BST 2010

Hello m0n0

On 19.06.10, you wrote:

> Hello, 
> As I posted earlier, I wanted to submit patches for the Makefile to
> support the FreeMiNT OS. 
> No one responded to my questions, so here is my patch. Please tell me if
> there is something wrong.

I know not much of netsurf buildsystem, so i a have avoid to answer early, but the amiga OS Version
no makefile changes.only makefile.config need modify.

the makefile.config contain this.I also attach the file

# NetSurf build configuration example
# To configure NetSurf's build options create a Makefile.config file. This is
# an example Makefile.config.
# To see the available config options, look at Makefile.defaults

# For example, by default, NetSurf builds with BMP support.  If you
# wish to disable this, then uncomment the following line.

# override NETSURF_USE_BMP := NO

TARGET = framebuffer

override  NETSURF_FB_FRONTEND := sdl
override  NETSURF_FB_RESPATH_sdl := /PROGDIR:Resources/
override  NETSURF_FB_FONTLIB := freetype

CC := m68k-amigaos-gcc -V 4.5.0

CFLAGS +=  -O3 -I./include -std=c99 -m68040  -mnobitfield \

LDFLAGS +=  -L./lib -lpng -lmng -ljpeg -ldef_img
LDFLAGS +=  -Wl,--whole-archive -lnsfb -Wl,--no-whole-archive
LDFLAGS +=  -lsdl_ttf -lsdl_image -lsdl -lgl_dummy -ldebug
LDFLAGS +=  -lxml2 -lcurl -lssl -lcrypto -lnsbmp -lnsgif 
LDFLAGS +=  -lhubbub -lcss -lparserutils -lwapcaplet -liconv 

> Heres the description of the patch: 
> Added specific LDFLAGS for MiNT in framebuffer target. (I know that
> Makefile.config is the first place to make additions, but Makefile.config
> can't be used for LDFLAGS)
> Also added MiNT specific CFLAGS to the framebuffer target part.
> Added an new target called mint when host == mint and the target is not
> set. 
> I would be really nice if someone could integrate this into SVN, or let me
> know why the patch is rejected.
> Greets,
> Ole
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