Makefile patches for Atari Port

John-Mark Bell jmb at
Sun Jun 20 09:42:10 BST 2010

On Sun, 2010-06-20 at 00:48 +0200, m0n0 wrote:

> Heres the description of the patch: 
> Added specific LDFLAGS for MiNT in framebuffer target. (I know that
> Makefile.config is the first place to make additions, but Makefile.config
> can't be used for LDFLAGS)

It can, but that's not much use if you want it to build without
modification from SVN or a release tarball.

> Added an new target called mint when host == mint and the target is not
> set. 

I don't see this in your patch.

Can you explain this, please?:

+    LDFLAGS += -lSDL  -lldg -lgem -lm


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