NetSurf 1.1

Rob Kendrick rjek at
Wed Aug 15 21:30:34 BST 2007


I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of NetSurf 1.1, which
is a bug fix and security release to NetSurf 1.0, which was released at
the Wakefield Show this year.  It is available for download from our
website, at

Here is a change log detailing the important changes in this release:

Core / All

	* Fix charset detection bugs, fixes #1726341 (WightLink)
	* Add -v command line option to enable debugging output
	  (this is enabled by default in the RISC OS build via the !Run
	* Rationalise header file includes
	* Various portability fixes to BSD and Solaris
	* Abstraction of schemes for fetchers
	* More encoding detection fixes
	* Fix cookie domain matching in unverifiable transactions.
	* Fix cookie issues with
	* Fix deadlock when fetching stylesheets
	* Fix bug where the referer header was being sent regardless
	* Fix bug where strange Accept-Language and other headers could
	  be sent
	* Fix crash when building error page
	* Content scaling is now handled centrally, such that both GTK
	  and RISC OS versions act in the same way.
	* Licence for NetSurf changed to GPLv2 only with clause allowing
	  linking to OpenSSL.

RISC OS-specific

	* Tweak default hotlist entries to be more up-to-date
	* Fix interaction between failed drag saves and pointer
	  tracking (including page scrolling)
	* Scroll wheel support on hotlist and history windows
	* Use proper background colour for AW files using transparency
	* Fix AWRenderer clipping issue (#1756230) and improve rendering

	* Add local file browsing MIME type guessing.  Also fixes
	  directory browsing
	* Fix destruction of windows involving frames, fixes crashes
	  on sites such as
	* Reduce flicker when periodically reflowing during fetch
	* Fix bug that caused 100% CPU usage on some sites with frames
	* Fix scroll-position setting, allowing anchors and
	  back/forward positions to be set/remembered
	* Fix problems with closing windows with fetches still in
	* New Window menu entry now functions
	* Open File... menu entry now functions
	* Fix reentrancy issues with event scheduling
	* Support for setting the path to find CA certificates (fixes
	  SSL sites)
	* Stop referer header being sent with URLs entered in the URL
	* Use default homepage if homepage option is blank
	* Full screen mode now functions
	* Popup version of the main menu
	* Removal of menubar/toolbar/statusbar now functions
	* Fix corruption on some animated GIFs due to new images not
	  being created blank
	* Fix issues with scrolling from the keyboard.
	* Add simple SSL certificate verification window.

Also included are many and various smaller bug fixes, documentation
enhancements and updated translations.  Thanks to everybody involved in
this release!


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