BeOS and AmigaOS ports

Michael Drake tlsa at
Mon Aug 18 19:37:22 BST 2008

NetSurf has recently been ported to two new platforms. They are BeOS/Haiku
and AmigaOS. These ports are native implementations of NetSurf's
interface. Both new ports are at an early stage of development,
although they are already usable for simple browsing of the web.

The BeOS and Haiku port is by François Revol (mmu_man). It can display
web pages, link navigation and form submission etc is working, and it
supports multiple windows. It currently lacks many of the features found
in the RISC OS and GTK versions which are much more mature.

The AmigaOS port is by Chris Young (chris_y). It currently runs only on
AmigaOS 4.x. It displays pages although it needs a bit of work, e.g. to
fix the text encoding issues. It can navigate the web and supports
multiple windows.

Currently neither port is available in binary form from the NetSurf web
site, although the source code is available there.

There are some screenshots of the new ports in the "work in progress"
section here:

Finally, welcome to any new NetSurf users from BeOS and AmigaOS platforms!


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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